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      Welcome to yantra games!

~* About yantra *~

   Yantra games is something I cooked up overnight to get this website on the Internet roadmap. I do plan to create some games of my own under the yantra banner, which is the whole point of this exercise in the first place.

   For now, however, you will find plenty of retrogaming stuff for the ZX Spectrum and the Sam Coupé. These include game reviews, games, tutorials and other assorted stuff for some of the classic home computers. Also on the site are some games done by me for the PC as well as the ZX Spectrum, which you may find of interest.

   In the articles section you will find some pieces of fiction written by some of my friends and myself, some tutorials (WIP),  plus the now mandatory FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). 

~* What's planned *~

   I eventually plan to put games written by me up on the site under the yantra banner. The retrogaming section will continue to see some additions as I plan to add entries as and when time allows. Ditto for the articles section, in which I hope to add some game programming tutorials as I go along.

~* News *~

February 10th:
As you can see "arcanoid" is now "yantra". Site has been completely redesigned to reflect the makeover. The site is now being hosted on a new paid server and as such I have complete control over it (or so I hope).

February 5th:
Completely overhauled the 256 colour games page in the Spectrum section. All games now have two thumbnail views that can be enlarged by clicking on them. Plus some cosmetic changes here and there on the site.

February 3rd:
Head Over Heels added to the 256 colour games section! Two new articles added to the Articles section! Some backend file updation done. Moved most game files to a new server.

November 8th:
Six new games added to 256 colour games in Spectrum section! Atic Atac, Cybernoid, Exolon, Pac Mania, Mad Mix 2, and Dizzy 1 now in 256 colours! The quality of the games have certainly gone up I must say!

November 1st: After a brief hiatus, here is an update! Gun Runner added to 256 colour games in the Spectrum section. Two more reviews added to the ZX Spectrum section. Deflektor and Arnhem reviewed!

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